Third project partners meeting in Uppsala

Folksuniversitetet in Uppsala hosted third partners meeting which was held 31st of May - 1st of June 2018.

During the meeting Folkuniversitetet, as Swedish national adult education association, introduced Swedish adult education model. Folkuniversitetet representative Denis Riabov gave presentation about informal adult’s education methods: study circle, problem based learning, mind mapping, etc. and shared ideas about possible cultural route planning training scenario. 

Partners shared their experiences applying different study methods in adult learning.


First day of the meeting ended with a discussion of future training methods and their implementation in partner institutions.


Second day of the meeting was devoted to elaboration of the content of cultural tourism route planning methodology and training scenario.

Laurencija Budrytė-Ausiejienė, a tourism lecturer at Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences and a professional tour guide,  shared her experiences on cultural tourism routes planning, proposed some methodological issues and practical tasks.  A Research Professor Dr. Hannes Palang shared his ideas about possibilities to use innovative technologies in route mapping and how to create interactive games related to a cultural tourism routes.

Based on these presentations a draft content of the cultural tourism route planning methodology was elaborated. Next step – elaboration of training scenario.  All partners agreed that the training should be divided into 5 stages:

1. Introduction to cultural tourism routes and footprints;

2. Information sources, objects selection criteria and 5 senses in a tour;

3. Planning, storytelling and mapping;

4. Making touristic routes attractive;

5. Trying out the new created cultural tourism route.


Important dates that have been agreed during the meeting in Uppsala:

25th of June - final date for separate parts of the Study guide.

13th of July - first term for the Cultural route planning methodology.

27th of August - final term for the Cultural route planning methodology.

27th of August – 7th of September – proofreading of the methodology (Eduardas, Helen, Jana, Pantea)

September-October 2018 -   Training on Cultural Footprints route planning.

7-9th of November - meeting in Kuldiga and presentation of the training results.

Some moments from meeting:

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