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The project aims to strengthen the competences of specialists working in the field of culture and tourism by means of adults’ non-formal (and informal) education in Baltic and Nordic countries. A network of project partners is compound of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Sweden, as these countries have many things in common and share an experience of adults’ continuous education in different fields. A field related to promotion of cultural tourism had not elaborated yet and revealed by means of non-formal education sufficiently. The partners will elaborate this process and seek to implement the same methods and joint methodological approach of adults’ education.

Nowadays, the interaction in the field of cultural collaboration is extensive. There is always facing a lack of common values, identities. The studies on cultural footprints will lead towards elaboration of new cultural values, identities and their integration into processes of adults’ non-formal (& informal) education. During the workshops, research, training courses in the field of adults’ l education activities will be conducted. There will be elaborated cultural tourism routes based on cultural footprints. Created a new methodology will be approbated and shared among partner countries. The interaction between adults’ non-formal and informal education and elaboration of cultural tourism products will strengthen the competences of adult specialists working in the field of culture and tourism.

Informal Adults’ Education for Cultural Tourism Promotion

between the Baltic and Nordic Countries

Project number NPAD-2017/10048

PROJECT AIM: to strengthen the competences of specialist working in the field of culture and tourism through informal and non-formal adults’ education on creating cultural footprints routes.

Stage No 1.

2017 autumn. Kick off meeting and preparation to start project activities. Lithuania, Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences.

Stage No 2.

Research activities on Cultural tourism situation, common identities and the cultural footprints in Baltic – Nordic countries. From 11-2017 till 03-2018. Each partner accomplishes a research in its region.

Stage No 3.

Workshop on Cultural tourism product creation training content and methodology. 2018 summer. Sweden, Folksuniversitetet

Stage No 4.

Elaboration of Cultural route planning methodology (in English language). From 05-2018 till 08-2018.

Stage No 5.

Training (in partners’ institutions) on Cultural footprints route planning. 2017 autumn

Stage No 6.

Presentation of results of informal adult education activity and elaborated cultural tourism routes and approbation of created informal adult education methodology on cultural route planning. 11-12, 2018. Sweden, Folksuniversitetet

Stage No 7.

Approbation and publication of Cultural route planning methodology. From 12-2018 till 06-2019. Latvia, Liepaja University

Stage No 8.

Final conference. 2019 summer. Estonia, Tallinn University.

Kurzeme, Venta

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