Planned Project results

  • Strengthened adults competences in elaboration of cultural tourism products.

  • Strengthened and developed Baltic and Nordic cooperation in the field of informal adult education. 

  • Conducted research to identify challenges and insights in cultural interaction between the Baltic and Nordic countries, also to the identify asymmetry of competences (lack and excess) of specialists working in the fields of tourism and culture. 

  • Elaborated, approbated, and published Cultural route planning methodology and study guide on the Baltic – Nordic common identities and the cultural footprints. Prepared self studying materials will be introduced to partner organizations, NGO’s, local communities.

  • Elaborated, tested and evaluated new Cultural tourism routes based on Baltic-Nordic cultural footprints. 

  • Articles in partner local languages, multiplier events (workshops, discussions, conference).


Project will encourage more people to work towards personal development by giving them the tools for self studying and enabling them to develop new tourism products.

This project is contribution to the development of quality and innovation in the educational system, promoting lifelong learning.

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