The First Meeting in Klaipeda

November 23/24, 2017, project participants from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania had meeting in Klaipėda. The Swedish partner was not able to participate in the meeting. Project Manager Laurencija Budrytė- Ausiejienė has presented meeting agenda for Kick-Off meeting.


All project partners have presented their institutions and their own experience in the field of cultural tourism.


Laurencija Budrytė- Ausiejienė presented project activities (8 stages) and they were discussed.


Eduardas Spiriajevas gave a presentation on ‘Cultural interaction problems between the Baltic and Nordic countries’. The importance of culture, research, innovations, formations, change of conditions and cultural interaction was highlighted during presentation. The discussions followed.  Presentation is uploaded and accessible in the Google drive.


Round table debate on the competences of specialists working in the field of tourism and culture. Discussion about asymmetry of competences (lack and excess) of specialists working in the fields of tourism and culture.


Remigijus Kinderis presented this research from Lithuania’s side, identified functional competencies. Inese Lūsēna talked about research in Latvia and common competences comparing with Lithuania. Inese has also suggested to divide the research into two parts: expectations by employees and expectations by managers. Helen Sooväli-Sepping has presented situation analysis in Estonia.


Eduardas Spiriajevas has talked about 2nd stage of the project: Research activities on Cultural tourism situation, common identities and the cultural footprints in Baltic – Nordic countries. Eduardas has described objectives, targets, plan for this research, and also what is important for adult learners. It was noted that is important to keep it simple and easy understandable as the results of the research are meant for adult learners, not for researchers. Eduardas will upload more literature into Google drive, and prepare a sample structure for research.

Eglė Hidri has talked about project implementation, budget, reporting and dissemination issues. As for Dissemination – project will have own blog (KVK and KTA responsible for it). All partners must upload information about the project with Nordplus logo in their organisations’ websites, present the project in conferences, meetings, etc. Budgeting rules were discussed, many questions were asked about the traveling expenses. Egle will contact Lithuanian coordinator about it, and try to get reliable answers to these questions.


Jolanta Baronaitė has presented the plan for the blog, showed few examples.


Next meetings:

  • Meeting in Latvia 5-6 April, in Liepaja.

  • Meeting in Sweden May 31- June 1.

Some moments from meeting:

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