Project Idea


To strengthen the competences of specialist working in the field of culture and tourism through informal and non-formal adults’ education on creating cultural footprints routes.

Project Outcomes


Non-formal adult learning methodology in cultural tourism product planning area.


Project Partners
  • Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences (Lithuania)

  • Folkuniversitetet Upsala (Sweden)

  • Kurzeme Tourism Association (Latvia)

  • Liepaja University (Latvia)

  • Tallinn University (Estonia)

Nordplus Adult 2017-2019

Informal Adults’ Education for Cultural Tourism Promotion between the Baltic and Nordic Countries

The biggest challenge is to improve and strengthen the competences of adults working in the field of culture and tourism in order to elaborate new skills in creation of new cultural tourism products, and introduce them into the market. A culture is compound of different national and ethnic values that are under deep impact of global challenges and the needs to be protected, vitalized and presented in different forms. Therefore, promotion of culture’s vitability and creation of new cultural tourism products both processes are related to adults’ non-formal education in order to meet and solve the challenges of modern citizenship. The empowerment of culture creates new circumstances for working specialist and for those who want to start their entrepreneurial activities and to strengthen their competences in planning of cultural tourism products, and to be more competitive and adoptive in labour market. A rather similar issue is appropriate for specialists working in the field of tourism. Recently tourism market is getting more and more globalized and related to different models of activities. Therefore, the tourism specialists face many challenges in their daily works that also requires looking for a new forms and models of action. Therefore, an interaction between the culture and tourism intends to elaborate new cultural tourism product and to make them more attractive, competitive.

Cultural Tourism and Adults' Non-Formal Education?


Artis Gustovskis

Chairman of Kurzeme Tourism Association, Manager of Kuldiga Tourism Development Centre


Baznīcas iela 5

Kuldiga LV-3301


Denis Riabov 
Project manager


Folkuniversitetet Uppsala

Bergsbrunnagatan 1,



Laurencija Budrytė-Ausiejienė

Project manager, Lecturer, Director of study programm "Tourism administration"



Eglė Hidri

Project Management Specialist


Klaipeda State University of Applied Sciences

Jaunystes str.  1

Klaipeda 91274


Dr. Hannes Palang

Research Professor, Centre for Landscape and Culture, School of Humanities,


Tallinn University

Narva mnt 25
10120 Tallinn


Dr. Inese Lūsēna - Ezera

Assoc. Prof., Director of Institute of Management Sciences


Liepaja University

Liela iela 14,

Liepaja LV - 3401


Klaipeda, Lithuania
Linneanum stor
Vilnius, Lithuania
Venta Waterfall
Tallinn city wall
Riga, Latvia
Trakai castle
Estonia Tallinn
Cave in Latvia
Estonian village
Open air museum, Lithuania
North Estonia
Uppsala centralstation